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Mystical School of Moon Magic

Creating Ritual through Community

The Mystical School of Moon Magic is a three-month, six-session introduction to ritual in community. 

Every other Sunday

February 11 - April 21, 2024

6:30-8 pm

Pure Being in Urbana

Drop in: $39

Come to all 6 sessions: $200

Moon Stages

Why work with the Moon?

The moon represents the daily, weekly, and monthly ebb and flow of your life. It represents your emotions, body, and home. Aligning with the moon is a powerful tool to bring meaning and balance to what can be hectic and sometimes overwhelming schedules. 


Through the Mystical School of Moon Magic, you will learn how to incorporate lunar cycles and associated rituals into your life. You will incorporate learning, movement, meditation, and art during each of the six sessions and leave with intentions for the week, rituals to try, and a vision collage or other tool you have made to remind you of your goals.

Balancing Rocks

Definitions and Details


A ritual is a routine action to which you assign meaning. Rituals are powerful tools that bring purpose and intention to your life. Most take only a few minutes and are best when you develop them for yourself, based on your own goals, available time, current habits, and most importantly, what is meaningful to you.


Doing rituals with a group of like-minded people who are also working on bringing more meaning to their lives adds additional depth and accountability that increase the benefits of the practices.

Each Week Includes

We will meet every other week for 6 sessions, roughly with the new and full moons. Each session will include a

  • Check-in and discussion of the last practice, 

  • Grounding and centering meditation,

  • Lesson on the invitations the moon brings for that cycle,

  • Set of practices to consider incorporating the current energy,

  • Meditation and intention setting, and

  • Time to create a visual representation of the energy and your intentions. This could include a vision-board style collage, a candle, a custom tea blend, an essential oil roller, and other tools for ritual.

Build Your Ritual Kit

Each week you will receive a handout with suggestions and home practices and make or get a tool you can use to remind you of your intentions and create your own rituals. At the end of the 6-week session, you will have the knowledge, skills, and materials to create rituals that fit your goals, time, and preferences. 

Dates and Topics

February 11 - New Moon in Aquarius

  • Setting new moon intentions

  • Rituals and creative practice to promote mental clarity and emotional balance

February 25 - Full Moon in Virgo

  • Releasing stuck energy

  • Rituals and creative practice to promote self-care and self-compassion

March 10 - New Moon in Pisces

  • New moon intentions

  • Rituals and creative practice to promote connection to cosmic consciousness and a larger purpose

March 24 - Full Moon in Libra

  • Working with eclipse energy

  • Rituals and creative practice to promote mental and emotional balance

April 7 - New Moon in Aries Eclipse

  • Working with eclipse energy

  • Rituals and creative practice to promote self-confidence and inner-strength

April 21 - Full Moon in Scorpio

  • Full moon release

  • Rituals and creative practice to trust your instincts and find resilience

Join Our 1st Cohort!

Come to one session, or join us for all six of them.


$200 for the series

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