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Image by Tim Krisztian

Plant Medicine and Magic

Experience the healing power of nature

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Image by Juliana Araujo the artist

...go to nature to be soothed, healed and connected...

Connecting with nature is an evidence-based way to heal and grow.  And it's easy! 


There are so many ways to create an intimate relationship with the medicine and magic of plants....gazing at a flower, drinking a medicinal tea, exploring the bountiful tastes and smells of Mother Earth...small, simple ways to soothe and heal yourself, with big impacts for the planet.

Maybe these are things you're already doing and you'd like to deepen your connection with nature through new and personalized ways.  Beginner or long-time nature lover, pause now and listen deeply to how the human heart beats in time with the earth's heart.




Here to guide you...

Feeling the deep call to come back home to nature but are not sure where to start?  Lisa H and Lisa M are ready and excited to support and guide you.  Maybe you would like

  • Plant-based tarot and oracle readings

  • Personalized essential oil roller

  • Custom tea blend -- grown organically and with love

  • Introduction to plant medicine and plant-based diets

  • Personalized plant-based first aid kits

  • Basic gardening skills

  • Common native plant identification

  • And  more!


For more information and to schedule, send either of us a message through the website or to our personal addresses:

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