Pure Being

A welcoming and safe space for healing and growth

Our Services are evidence-based, simple, natural and effective.

Whether you’re looking for a specific service or would like an integrated, multi-dimensional
approach to health and wellness, our skilled and compassionate providers are looking forward
to working with you. We are excited to help you reconnect with your state of Pure Being.

Psychologist Session
Holistic Psychotherapy

by Lisa Haake and Sarah Reynertson

Addressing the mind, body and spirit for individuals, couples and families.

Reiki Treatment

by Sarah Reynertson

Reiki healing to focus on the connection between your mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga Session

by Lisa Haake

Using the ancient science of yoga to facilitate healing and growth in small specialized classes or private sessions.

Nutritional Cooking

by Lisa Haake

Using food, dietary supplements and medicinal herbs to support mental health and emotional balance.


by Sarah Reynertson

Aromatherapy used in combination with other methods can be used to support overall health.

Hula Hoop Dancer

by Amy Wyatt

Finding inspiration and empowerment inside and outside a hula hoop.


by Amy Wyatt

Relax and revitalize with personalized massage treatments.