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Integrated Health and Wellness

Pure Being is 

...a quality of existence – a “felt sense” of vitality, spaciousness and wholeness

...a collaboration of providers committed to helping people experience that “felt sense”

...a dedicated safe space for healing and growth

Our Vision

To be a resource of healing and growth for Champaign, Urbana
and the surrounding communities
Stones of Meaning
Happy Meditator

Our Mission

To provide evidence-based services that are simple, natural and effective.

​To help clients create and maintain balance, health and satisfaction in life -- a state of
Pure Being. 

What We Offer

We offer holistic health and wellness services.  These can be utilized individually, or, Pure Being providers can collaborate and create an integrated plan for your ultimate healing and growth.  


Our building offers a variety of spaces for evidence-based practices, workshops and events that support healing and growth.  If you are interested in utilizing one of these spaces for an event suitable to the Mission, please contact Lisa Haake.

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