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Weekly Yoga & Meditation

Every week there are multiple opportunities to join others in the ancient practices that are scientifically proven to reduce physical and emotional stress and tension, increase mental focus, improve breathing, add joy to life and more!

Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini yoga has a way of connecting us with the essence of who we are… and deconstructing limited perceptions and identities we may hold about ourselves (and others) that stand in the way.

Kelly uses the tools of breath, posture, mantra, meditation, and rest to awaken life force energy in the body and produce beneficial physiological and psychological effects.

Each class is designed to support multiple body systems (nervous, immune, lymphatic, digestive, endocrine, etc.) in detoxifying, moving stagnant energy, achieving homeostasis, and avoiding dis-ease. 

The best part about the practice? It’s not about the practice.

It’s about you.

Come see what it can do for you.

Tuesdays, 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Sign up here

Gentle Morning Yoga

Lisa offers a class to help you capitalize on the freshness of a new day and build in time for self-care. With a focus on joint freeing, breathing and stretching, you'll practice a kind and gentle relationship to your body and cultivate the ability to listen deeply the wisdom of your body.  

Suitable for all levels including beginners!

Fridays, 10-11:30 am.                               Sign-up here!



Mindfulness Meditation

meditation thought bubbles.jpg

Sessions include instruction, a variety of guided mindfulness experiences such as walking meditation, mindful movement, focusing on music, and a Q & A sesh to wrap up.


There is no set fee but in the ancient tradition of meditation teaching, please consider making a donation. Each month the total collection of donations will be given to a service organization in the Chambana area.

Thursdays, 6:00-6:45 pm               Sign up here

SOS Yoga

Save Our (nervous) Systems!  A group class designed to help our bodies complete the stress response cycle by using a fusion of yoga postures, breathing and yoga therapy techniques.  There are no handstands and the tone is playful and lighthearted.  The best part?  Practice ends with yoga nidra.  Yum!

Sundays, 4:00-5:30 pm                         Sign up here

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