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Remi Remington

Urbana IL | 502-690-1564 |

Artist / Art Facilitator / Artist-in-Residence

Intentional Space Design

Compassion Key Facilitator

Culinary Artist / Personal Chef


Artist, Teacher, Guide

Remi studies and honors many different paths of healing and growth. She brings over twenty years of experience in the arts through residencies in therapeutic settings, yoga studios, and retreat centers.


Her grant work has allowed her to create powerful programming and creative onsite art projects for marginalized communities, women’s groups, families and children.


Mandala Art Insight Practice

Remi guides a process of self discovery and healing through mindfulness practices and hands-on art making. The practice brings minds and bodies into the present and into a deeper connection with the intuitive self.


Mandala is Sanskrit for “circle” and has been used for thousands of years as a portal for change. Using drawing, painting and collage methods—the mandala you create can tell you something new about yourself and your journey. The colors and symbols that arise during the practice become tools for helping you see the unseen.

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