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professional massage & hoop dance therapy

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About Amy

Amy offers professional massage therapy services and hoop dance instruction in Urbana, Illinois and surrounding areas.  She is dedicated to improving the lives of others through therapeutic touch, wellness education and invitations for dance, play, and movement. 

With a background in social work and experience working in the disability community, Amy has had decades of experience providing individual care and supporting people on whatever path they happen to be on, with a focus on personal growth and well-being. 

The desire to understand pain - how it manifests and is experienced by a person - is what drives Amy’s passion for what she does.  She is curious about the ways mental stress and trauma show up in the physical body and she believes strongly in the mind-body connection.  Her holistic, trauma informed approach sets Amy apart from other therapists and is an invitation for recovery and lasting health for her clients.

Massage Therapy

Amy obtained her LMT training from Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois and has been licensed since February 2019. She specializes in working high tension areas and providing an overall sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

As your massage therapist, she is committed to making you feel at ease and supported.  Clients are encouraged to openly communicate needs, preferences, and comfort level throughout every session.  

Back Massage
Hula Hoop Dancer

Hoop Dance Therapy

Hooping is a great way to build strength in your entire body, especially focusing on your core.  Core strength is an important way to prevent aches and pains that develop as a result of weakness.  Not only that, but it can help improve posture, coordination and balance, gets the heart rate going and keeps joints healthy. 

It’s also a fun way to work out!  You get to find your flow with the hoop as you listen to music while your hoop flitters and flutters about like music notes in motion, your body the sheet on which they play - and there is no wrong way to play. 

Hooping a releasing of the mind, a surrendering of the soul to the forces of flow that tie us all together.  We become one with the hoop, one with the moment, one with our bodies and energy in and around us.  Hooping gives us permission to connect with our bodies in a way that many of us never have.  It unifies .. uplifts .. ignites .. redeems... 

Find out what hooping can do for you by getting inside the circle! As a certified hoop dance instructor, Amy will guide you through stretches and tricks you can do using a hula hoop, leaving your body feeling reinvigorated and full of flow.